• Alena Vyborna

    As a child I lived in the lush beautiful countryside of Czech Republic. I loved to read the fairy tales and roam through the woods and meadows. Later, after years of working with textiles, I developed a passion for silk fabrics and painting on them.

    The excitement of watching the flow of the paint on silk, combined with a fascination for nature’s intricate designs, endless colour combinations and respect for all living things, gives me an opportunity to play with colours and textures in my dream world.

    When a painting is finished it has a life of its own. I feel like a magical light is shining out of it.

    I also love to design and execute art for wearable garments. Silk is a wonderful material to use, because it allows you literally to take the painting off the wall and wear it.

    When people watch my work I want them to feel the light and joy of a child dancing through a sunny meadow.

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