• David Foyn

    david foynDavid was born in Shanghai, China and spent his early childhood in Bangkok, Thailand. Later, at school in Hampshire, England, he discovered an inate love of art and was encouraged to develop his artist talent. After coming to Canada, he graduated from L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, Montreal. It was here that his unique vision emerged.

    His works range from the abstract to the realistic, but recently he has favored acrylic canvasses of landscapes, inspired by his travels. David insists on painting easy-to-find places. “I’m not about to hike ten miles, then canoe and portage for another ten miles to find my inspiration. It comes to me on Hwy. 401, behind the motel where I’m staying, or visiting at a friend’s cottage. All my landscapes are real and I can tell you where they were painted. Perhaps you’ll recognize a few spots”.

    David recaptures his experiences aided by his photographic images and his mind’s eye. The key elements of light, atmosphere and perspective help to bring his landscapes alive.

    “Nature has a way of composing itself. It is my goal as a landscape painter to find the best way to capture and express it on canvas”.

    ARTIST’S WEBSITE:   www.davidfoynart.com

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