• Eddie Le Page

    eddie le pageThe name Eddie Le Page is recognized and respected by fine art collectors throughout North America. His awe-inspiring images of people and wildlife have captured our hearts for more than 15 years.

    Eddie’s talent transcends the traditional. Using meticulous detail and incomparable skill, he reaches that place where eye and hand meet canvas in natural beauty and grace. He is a self-taught artist whose works have been called a gift of the soul.

    Born and raised in Dundas, Ontario, he now lives in Peterborough. When not in his studio, he often explores the outdoors where, in the quiet of the woods or countryside, his passion for nature is renewed. One of his greatest joys is sharing that love with us through the magic of his art.

    Eddie Le Page’s acrylic paintings, limited edition reproductions, and collector plates hang in countless private, public and corporate collections worldwide.

    In my paintings, I strive not only to portray the bond between people and nature, but also my love for a natural untamed land…

    ARTIST’S WEBSITE:   www.eddielepage.net

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