• Jake Vandenbrink

    Jake VandenbrinkThe tranquil beauty of the natural world comes alive, through inspiring works of art, by this Canadian born artist.  Each painting casts upon the viewer the realistic feeling of  “being there”.

    Jake’s devotion for portraying nature began at an early age.  Leisure time was spent consuming the sights and sounds of the natural surroundings near home, later recording them with pencil and paper.  Since then the artist has established a personal style, in North America, Europe, and Asia, where in 1998, Jake was honoured to have a prestigious gallery in Tokyo, Japan, host an exhibition of his original work.

    In earlier years, Jake worked in pencil, pen & ink, and oils, later settling into acrylics, which he feels is a versatile medium that best suits his work.  After many years of developing a recognizable style, the art has sustained a realistic look, which is continuously nurtured and refined.  Careful attention is bestowed upon each image, with an emphasis on light, mood, and color.

    Being a loyal supporter of conservation efforts, Jake’s art has raised thousands of dollars toward the preservation of wildlife and habitat.  His work remains popular at fund raising auctions, galleries and shows throughout North America.

    Residing in Southern Ontario, Jake continues to pursue inspiration that nature is generous to provide. The artist brings to us, the viewers, visions of serene landscapes, evoking an appreciation of our natural world, which is often taken for granted.

    Explore these tranquil places, through the eyes of an artist, who allows us the opportunity to reflect upon the finest, “Moments in Nature”.

    ARTIST’S WEBSITE:   www.jakevandenbrink.com

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