• Steven Loney

    Steve began carving in 1998 as a hobby.  After working full time and giving more and more of his free time to his carving, decided to pursue it full-time in 2002.  All of Steve’s carvings are original pieces, with no reproductions.  The stone Steve works in is usually Brazilian or Chinese soapstone, but as he says, “if I can get my tools in it, I’ll try it.”  Most sculptures are all one piece of stone and of natural colour.  Artists who inspire and mentored him through their art are: David R. Maracle, Bev Doolittle, Joseph Jacobs, Stan Hill, and Kris Nahrgang.  Steve’s work is becoming more recognized, and has pieces throughout North America and in several countries in Europe. 

    Steve lives in Deseronto, Ontario, about 45 minutes west of Kingston, Ontario.  His heritage is Mohawk and Irish/English/Dutch, both of which can be seen in his work.  Steve was trained in graphic design at St. Lawrence College, Kingston and computer graphics at Sheridan College, Oakville.  On going into a career in design Steve says, “When I put on the shirt and tie, I knew it wasn’t the work I wanted to do,” but now that he has found his true calling, “I can put on my work boots, go out to the studio, and get dusty doing what I love.”

    Sculpture is not the only medium Steve works in, as he has many artistic abilities.  Besides carving in stone, he has created sculptures in deer and moose antlers, as well as a limited number of carvings in wood. Steve completes sketches and drawings in pencil and pen and ink.  He paints, using watercolours and acrylics.  Steve uses his illustrative talents to also create wood burnings that have a wide variety of subjects.  A more recent addition to his repertoire has been etching designs on emu eggs, sourced from a local farmer.

    Steve has shown his work in a variety of shows and exhibits.  Some of the larger venues he has displayed his work have been: The One-of-a-Kind Show at Exhibition Place, Toronto, The Canadian Aboriginal Festival (Toronto Pow Wow) at The Rogers Centre (formerly the SkyDome), and Casino Rama, Orillia.  Other shows have included Buckhorn Fine Arts Festival, The Bancroft Rockhound Gemboree/Mineral Capital Stone Carver’s Show and Symposium, Deer Dancer (private show) in Chicago, Illinois, Stirling Art Festival, The Art of  Flight show Picton, On., Scenes of Sandbanks and Beyond show Picton, On., and Starry Night Festival, Orillia, On. Steve enjoys displaying his work at shows that are more intimate, as he says he can spend more time talking to people about the carvings.

    Because of the uniqueness of Steve’s work, he has been approached with requests from several organizations for carvings.  He has made donations of his work to Ducks Unlimited, The Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Deseronto Arts and Culture organization and Eastminster United Church (Belleville) to name a few. (Website to come in the near future).

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