• Byrne Currie

    Retired from a career in industrial electronics, Byrne decided to turn his knowledge and enjoyment of Design towards more personal goals (and no more ANSI/ASA 61 Industrial Gray). With an introduction to fine art drawing with wildlife artist France Tremblay of Ottawa, he then progressed to classical training in still life work with Jonathan Hardesty in Pennsylvania. Buckhorn Art Festival is his first showing as he ventures out into turning fine art into a career.

    Still feeling his way in the Art world, there are many years of development ahead. Byrne’s formative preferences were done long ago with fascination in his teens with the fantastic worlds of Doré, the later Dali, Rubens, Frazetta, Marvel Comics, and far, far too much Science Fiction. In still lifes, Byrne’s formative models are the old Dutch masters, in particular Willem van Aeslt. Yes, he sees the contradiction. When not working on still lifes, he continues his studies with Anatomy (Scott Eaton of London), and figure work with Melrose Art Club in Ottawa and continuing battles with the long term effects of that Industrial Grey.

    He lives with his wife Lucille in Ottawa, Ontario.

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