• Denis Beaudet

    Denis Beaudet is a self-taught painter born in 1965.

    Since his youth, he drew everything that surrounded him. It was around the age of 20 that he touched the brushes to the first time.
    It’s in 1990 that he discovers wildlife art.  His art brings him to be exposed through Québec.  And to be alongside the big names in this form of art.
    Denis Beaudet is an artist inspired by the history of our ancestors.
    He tells through his paintings, the efforts deployed by these people day after day, even it it was only for the sake of moving from village to village.
    The values ​​of land and work accomplished are Important to him.

    These farmers who, with their faithful companions “their horses”, tackled colossal work : clearing their lands, cultivating, and harvesting them.
    Winter comes around, and for several of them, it was the building sites. The lumberjacks too, had to cut off big trees and despite the lack of equipment, managed to transport the trees to the river and accompany them all along … and history will continue through his paintings.

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