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It’s our 40th Anniversary!  The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival (BFAF) is a juried show and has operated using this professional process since its beginning in 1978. Annually we welcome new submissions from ‘fine art’ artists and plan to create a revitalized experience for all participants.

After twenty-seven years the name was changed from the Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival & Sale to the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival. Our new name was successfully implemented in 2005, and we look forward to future development and growth. The new name;

  1. Reflects the diversity of participating artists.
  2. Provides opportunity for the inclusion of non-wildlife artists, ensuring that wildlife was not just added to their art so as to qualify.
  3. Promotes expansion and growth.

The definition of fine art by which submissions for the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival are measured is as follows;

  • The selective re-creation of reality, to express human perspectives and values, in a highly skilled fashion incorporating creative innovation through the medium of painting, drawing and sculpture.
  • In keeping with the ’spirit’ of the qualities of great skill, innovation, etc., the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival also recognizes these qualities in other creative mediums such as pottery, jewelery, photography, wood turning, etc.
  • Photographic Art Selection criteria

FESTIVAL DATES:  August 19th and 20th, 2017.  Opening Night Garden Party Gala – Friday, August 18th, 2017

Deadline for Application for the 2017 Festival: January 13, 2017

To be considered as an Exhibiting Artist each submission must follow the rules specifically, in addition to completing the submission form fully.

Applications should be submitted:

By mail to:
Buckhorn Community Centre, PO Box 280, Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0

By courier to:
Buckhorn Community Centre, 1782 Lakehurst Road,  Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0



bfaf-2017-new-exhibitor-application (in PDF Format) Applications forms for 2017 are now available for completion. Deadline for submissions Jan 13th, 2017.

BFAF 2017 Exhibitor agreement and ARF



Step #1 Application forms for new artist that are received by January 13, 2017 fully complete (see Rules of Application below) will be reviewed by the Jury by January 27, 2017.

Step #2 Notification of acceptance / rejection letter will be emailed not later than February 6th to the address provided on your application form. Please provide an alternate address as applicable to receive your notification in a timely fashion.

Step #3 Artists invited to participate in the 2017 Festival will be required to return their contract, image(s) on disc for inclusion in promotional material and payment by March 3rd, 2017. 


  • Artists are required to be on site for all days and hours of operation.
  • Artists are required to hang/display a minimum of 30% original work.
  • All art that is hung in your booth must be framed/gallery wrapped canvas.
  • Artists are only permitted to include that medium which has been approved by the Jury.
  • Quality reproductions are acceptable in your booth, though only one of each image may be hung in your booth at a time, while additional reproductions can be available from a designated space/box/etc in your booth.
  • Artists are required to provide their own insurance, conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow all rules and regulations outlined in the contract and other literature.
  • All sales made at the Festival are subject to 20% commission, plus HST, payable to the Buckhorn Community Centre.


10′ – $180.80 (with HST)
12′ – $216.96 (with HST)
16′ – $289.28 (with HST) 


  • For consideration by the Jury the application form must be completed in full.
  • A $40 non-refundable fee to be included with completed application form
    ( Please make cheque payable to the BUCKHORN COMMUNITY CENTRE )
  • Application fee will be deducted from Festival fee if accepted for the 2017 Festival.
  • Six high resolution images on a CD/DVD to be included with this application form.
  • Images on CD/DVD must be cropped to show only the work (no frame or background to be included)  Failure to do this will result in your work not being juried and forfeiture of your application fee.
  • CD/DVD’s to be marked with Artist’s name.
  • Self-addressed, postage paid envelope (be sure it will hold your CD/DVD) with sufficient postage to be included for return of CD/DVD, notification of acceptance/rejection letter and applicable other Festival information.

Thank you for applying to the 40th Anniversary of the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival.

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