Art Competition


All entries for the Art Competition are displayed through the duration of Festival weekend for your appreciation and enjoyment, while some are available for your purchase. We invite and receive entries from teenage artists (age 13-19), from individuals developing their art skills and in a new medium (2 years or less), from individuals who identify themselves as hobby or professional. The competition is committed to:

  • encouraging the development of creativity in Visual Arts;
  • the recognition and support of artistic talent;
  • providing opportunity for learning from being judged professionally;
  • showcasing individual creative style, design and techniques.



Teenage Class

Open to any artist, age 13 to 19 years old. Entries in this class can be of any subject, in any medium.

Novice Class

Open to any artist, 19 years or older who has been painting for two years or less. Entries in this class can be of any subject, in any medium.

Hobby Artist Class

Open to any artist, 19 years or older who does not sell or show their work in galleries, juried or professional art festivals or shows, does not teach art professionally and is not considered a commercial artist. Entries in this class can be of any subject, in any medium.

Open Class

Open to any artist, who may have had showings of their work in galleries, art festivals and shows, (excluding the current Buckhorn Fine Art Festival) or who may teach art. Open class includes four categories: 1. Acrylic, 2. Oil, 3. Pastel/Charcoal, Pen & Ink Pencil, 4. Watercolour.



Teenage Class

2nd & 3rd place winners receive Rosette ribbon, 1st place winner receives Rosette ribbon and prize.

Novice Class

2nd & 3rd place winners receive Rosette ribbon, 1st place winner receives Rosette ribbon and prize.

Open and Hobby Classes

Rosette ribbons awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners in each category.

Best of Show Award

Rosette ribbon and prize will be awarded to one of the 1st place winners in Open and Hobby categories.

Future Promise Award

Ribbon to be awarded, selected from winners in Teenage and Novice categories.

People’s Choice Award

Selected from all categories by Festival attendees. Winner receives Rosette ribbon and prize.


The Judging Panel will include representatives from the arts and education fields and will be chaired by the Buckhorn Art Competition Committee. Entries are evaluated against a set of criteria that has been established for the class in which they are entered. Judging will be done in private prior to the opening of the Festival.


Winners will be notified by telephone. Winners agree that their names will be printed in a Buckhorn Community Centre newsletter prior to the Art Festival and on the website.



Rules of Entry

  1. 2018 BFAF Art Competition Entry Form – web must be completed and attached with $5.00 fee to all entries.
  2. Each piece of art must have the artists name, phone, city of residence, medium and title of artwork on the back or on an index card attached to the back of the artwork.
  3. The artwork must be original in concept, design and execution.
  4. An entry must not have been entered in previous Buckhorn Art Competitions.
  5. Each artist may submit only one piece for the competition. It must have been completed within the past 12 months .
  6. Artwork must be framed, ready for hanging complete with wire, AND MUST NOT EXCEED A PERIMETER (120″) INCLUDING FRAME. Ensure the frame chosen is suitable for the competition and that your work is securely attached.
  7. Advertising, commercial, graphic digital art, installations and photography are not eligible.
  8. The competition organizers reserve the right to reject any entry for any reason and will, if above prerequisites are not met.
  9. The decisions of the judges are final.
  10. All sales are subject to a 20% Commission fee and applicable taxes which will be deducted by the Buckhorn Cultural Centre.



Registration – dates and times

Registration drop off and pick-up is located at the Buckhorn Cultural Centre, 1782 Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0 (for directions refer to mapquest, or call (705) 657-1918).

  1. Sunday, August 12th, 2:00 to 5:00pm
  2. Monday, August 13th, 5:00 to 8:00pm
  3. Entries are to be picked up at the conclusion of the festival on Sunday, August 19th between 5:00 and 6:00pm. No exceptions or early pick-up.
  4. Ribbons and Awards announcement will occur on Sunday, August 19th 4:30pm at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival
  5. Images sold at the show are subject to a 20 percent commission fee and applicable taxes

Fee:  $5.00 entry fee for the Buckhorn Art Competition only.

            The Youth Art Display is a free program.




  1. Mona Khabbazi
  2. Anna Lane
  3. Melodey Khabbazi
  4. Honourable Mention – Samuel Doucette


  1. Scott Hamilton
  2. Kiah McNaughton
  3. Alisa Rorabeck
  4. Honourable Mention – Jane McLean


  1. Jean Dalliday
  2. Emi Sewell
  3. Charles Pilgrim
  4. Honourable Mention – Elvira Sloan

Open – Acrylic

  1. Jill Darnell
  2. Milly Tseng
  3. Tina Salo-Devries

Open – Oil

  1. Brynn White
  2. Vivian Young
  3. Stella Marin
  4. Honourable Mention – Pat Shillings

Open – Water Colour

  1. Susan Wagstaff

Open – Pastel/Charcoal; Pen & Ink; Pencil

  1. Jesse Strong
  2. Anne Bailey
  3. Jennifer Raby
  4. Honourable Mention – Jane Cassidy

Future Promise

  • Scott Hamilton

Best of Show

  • Brynn White

People’s Choice Award

  •  Mary Ann Melis



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