ARTivity Zone


“Art is an interpretation of experience”

The concept behind the annual ARTivity Zone is to nurture artistic creativity by providing a variety of interactive art activities for children and adults in a place where one can freely explore, experience and use one’s imagination while drawing inspiration from nature.

Self-directed activities are expressed by “studios” for painting, drawing, collage, manipulatives, and a light exploration cave.   The “A-Zone” also provides a cool resting area and a location for drying work and display.

Months of planning and hours of hard work go into making the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival the success that it is.  The ARTivity Zone is successful thanks to the dedication of the volunteers that embrace the concept and work in the area throughout the BFAF weekend.

Our ARTivity Zone sponsors are Crayola Canada and Gerri’s Art and Craft Supplies.   The Ontario Early Years Centre in Lindsay was also a large contributor of equipment used at the ARTivity Zone.

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